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Ilisu before the end of the ultimatum

12 June 2009 – By July 6, 2009, the German government needs to decide whether to withdraw from the highly controversial Ilisu dam project in Southeast

Report of a fact-finding mission

Zurich/Berlin, 12 June 2009 – From May 18-23, 2009 Christine Eberlein (Berne Declaration) and Heike Drillisch (CounterCurrent – GegenStrömung) visited the Ilisu region and spoke with resettlement planners, affected people and archaeologists about the current state of the resettlement planning and the implementation of the conditions for the Ilisu dam.

Ilisu Dam-Affected People Expropriated amidst Ultimatum

Turkish Government snubs Europeans shortly before the Deadline


 (Berlin, Vienna, Zurich – 9.6.2009) The Stop Ilisu Campaign learned today that the Government of Turkey continues to expropriate people near the Ilisu Dam Site on the Tigris River.

Ilisu Dam Project facing severe backlash


NGOs welcome decision by Germany, Austria and Switzerland to suspend contracts
Vienna, Berlin, Berne, Dec. 23, 2008  The European Ilisu Campaign welcomed the historic  announcement by the German, Austrian and Swiss Governments to pull out of the Ilisu Dam project in Turkey after 180 days and claimed a landmark campaign victory. This unprecedented withdrawal reflects the serious social, cultural and environmental damage posed by the proposed dam. It is the first time that an agreed export credit guarantee has been suspended by any European Government. However, the European Ilisu Campaign remains concerned that the final withdrawal can only take place after a 180 day period.